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Impossible to Overclock with 2 Diffrent Sitcks of RAM?

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1 stick is Crucial Ballistix and the other is Patriot both have different speeds, but both are 1GB. Will this cause overclocking to be very hard or impossible? I tried and it just randomly shuts off or the BIOS says bad overclock or something like that.
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It would all depend on the sticks. What are the voltage and timing specs for both? You are going to be limited by the lower rated stick. For example: If one is rated at 1.8v and the other is rated at 2.0v, you would either be pushing the lower one too far or under-volting the higher one. If they are close, you may be able to get something.

edit: the same goes for the speeds. If you are mixing a 667 with an 800, it will default to 667.
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