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In A Dilemma..Opinions..

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Ok ive got my main intel rig but then ive got my secondary rig which im using as a htpc which consists of a DFI UltraD, Opty 165, OCZ bh-5 ram. Now today i just aquired an Amd Phenom 9500. The Dilemma im in is to either sell the Phenom for some quick money..or sell my opty 165/dfi ultra d and ocz mem and buy an AM2 mobo and some DDR..what do you guys think i should do?..how much can the 9500 overclock on the newer am2 chipset boards and how much faster would it be than my opty at 3.0ghz..Also how much could i get for the phenom..its an OEM by the way.
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Thats a toughy... I think that I would sell the 939 rig, because you'll get more money out of it. I think that you could sell that 9500 for like $80 american, but I think that I would rather get a new AM2+ mobo (SB750 chipset) and OC the 9500... its clock speeds wont be all that impressive(2.5-2.7GHz ish is my guess), but it is faster clock for clock, besides the fact that it has 4 cores.Then you'll be able to upgrade to a deneb at some point, without having to do anything else, which is why I think its a better choice... but thats just me.

Good luck with whatever you do.
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