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In need of a gfx card

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I have a budget of $200 for a video card... I need something that will last a long time and that will run fear, cod2, halo and bf2142 on good settings so that I can play them very smoothly.
I've been an ati fan but whatever fits my needs for 200 i will take
(newegg link plz)
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At school atm but, checl out the 7900gt or gs they are very nice, not sure how much they are, stupid school firewalls.
Get a Conroe...

I suggest a 1900XT (Aren't they about $200?)

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lol gon "(get a conroe)"

Its going to have to be PCI x1900xt? Do they run hot? Would I need another cooler for it?
Hot yes...but not a need for another cooler.
I vote for the Saphire x1950pro, egg link here - 199$ It's performance is not far from the x1900XT, actually they are very very close.
It's pretty cool, silent stock fan and plenty performance. The x1900XT consumes quite a bit more and has a noisy stock fan.

If you prefer nVidia you can take a Gigabyte 7900GS for 195$ cooled with Zalman vf900. A bit poorer performance than the x1950pro and lower image quality but it OCs more than the ATI. If you aim for records this is your card, but for a day-to-day use I recommend the ATI.
Another Vote for the X1950PRO also. Great card for the price and runs 60W below the typical X1900 So runs a little cooler.
Another vote for the X1950Pro from me. Good overclocker, great picture quality and nice price!
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Eh, why is the X1950PRO so expensive, even if the rates are insane right now?

I can get that for like $185 on current rates (5.65), $110 on standard rates (7.5 DKK per USD)
X1950pro would be good but if you want nvidia there was a deal on a 7900GS at bestbuy.com but they're sold out right now. It was listed at 199.99 with 50$ instant off, second time it's been out of stock since I seen the 50$ off. The first time it came back in stock the 50$ off was still going so I'd imagine when it comes back again it'll be the same ~ can't say for sure.
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