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In The Market For Silverprop Blocks?

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You may wanna try http://www.petrastechshop.com/siwa.html as they currently carry 8 Silvertop CPU/GPU waterblocks. Bit spendy for my blood though

Almost forgot.......it's located in San Jose California
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great find - there used to be one retailer that drop shipped from silverprop in australia, but i havent heard about them ever since i recieved my 6800 mounting hit for my fusion HL from them

i wish their 4-hole mounting was less janky - its the only reason i use other blocks - its so hard to get it mounted properly with the nvidia mounting adapters

this is basically a strictly-2-hole-ati-mounting-block in the end if you want to get the best performance out of it

on the otherhand, if my storm doesnt provide good temps with the 955XE presler i get tomorrow because of the spread area of the two dies under the IHS, then that silverpop evolutionSE looks pretty appealing when you compare it to the only other block that cools that large of an area, which is the swiftech apogee
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