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[INC Gamers]EverQuest 2 Update Delayed

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I have never played this game so this article is for the people who Love to play the Game. Also how do I insert the hyperlink instead of having to put source- all the time I can just put source and you click on it, how do I make it like that?

Source- http://www.incgamers.com/News/15422/...2UpdateDelayed

EverQuest 2 players who were eagerly looking forward to the game's next major update were left disappointed today, as developers
announced Game Update #51 has been delayed.

GU #51, also known as Elements of Corruption, is set to revitalise an old part of the EQ2 world. Lavastorm is a zone that shipped with the original retail version of EQ2 over four years ago, and is well known by all players of the game. There's also a whole host of changes to spells, guildhalls, UI, quests and achievements, as well as a new dungeon and new solo content for high and mid level players.
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Wow dude,you've been going nuts posting news in the last 24 hrs.
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