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Incase you're debating to get an X-Fi or not, read my experience

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OK, I used to own a SB audigy 2 sound card and it rocked my socks. My music was clean and smooth, my movies were loud and powerful and my games were sharp and accurate.

It was only until battlefied 2 came out... When I realized that I wasn't getting everything that I paid for. Let me explain. In the audio options of BF2 theres a list of settings you can play around with. One of which are labelled: sound quality. Now I discovered that the highest quality I could have for that game was "HIGH" and that "Ultra HIGH" was blacked out(I didnt have the option of using it). This didn't really bother me about 8 months ago but then I thought that I should kick it up a notch and see what "Ultra HIGH" would sound like. And boy does it make a difference!

If anyone of you are thinking of upgrading your sound card, consider the X-Fi Xtreme music card! There are so many sounds in the game that I had NEVER heard before. I am now playing BF2 with new and improved sound. Let me give you an example of a sound thats ingame that I never new existed.

When you push "Q"(the default button for commands like thank you, sorry, spotted, etc) and scroll through/around that oval of commands, a beep goes off every time you highlight a command(not select a command, just highlight it). Did you know? That after that beep follows a smacking sound? Yea! literally a smacking sound after that beep. IT was nuts when I heard that. The Card even gave me a 7-8 FPS gain which is awesome!!!

And thats just one of the many, many new effects and sounds that I hear now, thanks to my new SB X-fi sound card.

My music is more crisp than ever and my bass is more full and deep.

So if you're considering getting an X-fi either for gaming, music or just entertainment, GO FOR IT! It will amaze you!