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This is my first attempt at overclocking... I just got stuff from newegg and it booted up just fine at stock speed.

After testing for stability, I started to increase the FSB to 416 (with multiply of 7.5) with 5:8 RAM ratio. I tested again with Prime95 and receive no errors at all.

So I decided to go even farther and changed the RAM ratio to 2:3 and then the computer wouldn't boot at all. (Even if the FSB is still at the same number)

I've tried to increase the voltage to 1.6v, and sometimes it would boot up, sometimes it wouldn't. I don't want to increase any farther... too afraid to do it. Is it dangerous or what?

What should I be doing? Before changing the RAM ratio, the CPU voltage was at 1.13 and NB voltage was at 1.21. I've changed nothing so far. I decided to stay at 5:8, stuck at 416 FSB.

What can I do to increase my FSB even farther? Can I increase some more voltage in RAM or what?

Or should I just replace my 1333 for 1600 DDR3? (Higher Voltage, etc, etc)
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