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Increasing Sound Volume

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First - I'm a noob so plz go easy on the technical term and dun assume I know this and that ('cause I AM a noob)

Now for the issue at hand - my bro recommended this place so here I am... hmmm I need help with my old computer's sound... I made sure everything's on max (volume control) along with the speakers and such. However, it's still rather low. Here is how my device manager sound area looks like:


Normally I just "right-click" and update... and hmm needless to say that never seems to work - it's always "up-to-date"

So any suggestions? I'm open to anything and thanks
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Welcome to OCN. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

The usual problem with sounds not loud enough is that, somewhere, the is a volume control set to low. Right click the sounds icon on the right side of the taskbar. Under options>properties, make sure the volume control for the source you are using is actuated.
If you're using any third party sound applications, Wimamp, etc. , make sure all the volume controls in that are also set correctly.

You don't say anything about the rest of your system, so it's kind of hard to comment any further, but you could try going to the sound card manufacturer's website. The latest drivers will be available there. It looks like you're just installing the basic Windows sound drivers.

Add your system specs to your signature. Then, when you ask a question everyone will know what components you are using.
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