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Hi guys !
I don´t know how many of you had any experience with Indigo Extreme TIM but according to instructions you must run a "reflow" procedure on first boot.

Basically you turn off the CPU cooler and run your PC so it logs on, then start prime 95 and monitor core temps behaviour. It should be around 90 degrees celsius and then drop to around 80 which is a sign of a succesful reflow.

In my case temps went all the way up to 102 celsius and never came down
I kept it for 10 minutes but no changes at all.

Then I just turned off my PC, plugged in my cooler and booted again.
The funny part is that even if reflow did not happen like it should, my temps were much better than with H100i original TIM.

So is it possible that reflow did happen but in a some different way ?
I mean it works great as it is now...
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