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Info: Deathadder USB Device Not Recognised

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If you are receiving this message, then your Deathadder is broken. It's as simple as that. There are no fixes for this other than sending it back.

This has happened to countless users, including me, from what I can see.


Wheel light glows but razer logo does not flash any more.
Computer does not start up when the mouse is plugged in.
When plugged into any computer, it says "USB Device Not Recognised"


When using drivers v1.05 and firmware 1.21:
DPI changes and Polling rate changes in the drivers
Changing profiles using the button on the underside of the mouse
Incorrect flashing of firmware (to a lesser degree - this often causes other problems)

The root cause of this appears to me that the memory inside the mouse has become corrupt when trying to change various settings. There is no "reset" button as such, so this cannot be solved from what I can see.

Just thought I would give make this information available, in case anybody else has this problem in the future. If anybody finds a fix for this, or develops one, I'll add it in here.
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well thats crap... i cant even send mine back because iv lost the reciept...
Oh, that sucks. Is this like, some kind of sudden widespread occurrence? I'm getting my DeathAdder tomorrow via Newegg.
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tbh im just gonna buy a new deathadder and keep the reciept this time. they are just too good to not have one...
or i might splash out on a lachisis...
Yup, I've had this happen twice before.. had to RMA both... still an awesome mouse though

EDIT: Just realized this is a year old thread.. why did I post here
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I dont think i've heard of mice breaking so much.

My mate has had 2 Razors break on him. One just broke and the other one, the wire inside the mouse became loose and stopped responding.

His new one sometime just stops working and he has to unplug and replug it in to get it working again...

I would have stopped buying Razor mice after the first fail if I 'liked' them

Originally Posted by sabermetrics View Post
Yup, I've had this happen twice before.. had to RMA both... still an awesome mouse though

EDIT: Just realized this is a year old thread.. why did I post here

Well I posted this to help people out so it doesn't matter when people reply
What I said still applies, I could've posted it a year ago, or last week.

And for an update, there is still no fix for this.
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This just happened to one of my deathadders taht I didnt have a reciept for! The infared sensor/laser on the bottom does not light up. all the other things seem to work at times.

I have another new one I hope this only happens to older models/ manufacturing dates.
Anyone here that has a deathadder that has failed on them I need to replace the infared led inside mine. I dont have the reciept and the whole mouse works fin except the curson dosent move.

I own a laser engraver / cutting machine it only cuts up to 1/4" acrylic and I will custom engrave something or make a nice inlaid mirror sace badge etc. for someone that can send me one or the whole broken mouse.

all the buttons and the mouse wheel work just no infared action.
I just purchased my Deathadder about 3-weeks ago. No issues as of yet.
Balls! I lost the receipt and I got the mouse 2 days ago!
If it's not broken, don't worry. This post is from 07. I'm assuming they'd have fixed it by now.
Ok well, I'm just making sure... Is anyone hVing porblem with their deathaddr currently?
My DeathAdder is maybe a month old now, no issues so far
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I went through about three DeathAdders due to this garbage. That also means I've had to deal with Razers ****ty support on multiple occasions, which is not fun (remember, threaten them with Logitech, they will cave).

The one I have now though hasnt had the issue, and I've had it for about a year (although, the mouse wheel broke). I'm getting yet another new DeathAdder in the mail tomorrow (the new one with 3500 or whatever DPI).

I really wish someone would come out with a mouse that's better than the DA. The build quality on these things is crap, but I've yet to find a mouse that feels as comfortable in my hands.
Had the mouse for 10 minutes, and this happens...
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