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I have a Radeon HD 4890 that I've usedfor a while and I just sold my old rig but kept my card, when I put it in this little dell slimline's PCI Express slot it turns on and then my monitor goes to power saving mode 10 seconds afterwards and turning it off and on doesn't work however the POS Nvidia 9400 gt that I bought at staples for $11.35 to test it out with works any ideas?

Here's what I've done...
Installed most up to date drivers using integrated graphics
Hard Reset Cmos
Flashed the Bios to the newest one
Changed the video priority to pci express in the bios
Waited 30 minutes and hoped it would turn on
Called Chipp who's a personal friend and he said ask you guys ha!

Any knowledge that you could drop on me would be great!

oh the other thing it's being powered by an external corsair 750 watt powersupply since the powersupply in it 1 is nowhere near powerful enough and 2 doesn't have the pci express cables anyways. (by external I mean it's an internal powersupply sitting on my desk with a paperclip in it).

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1.) Why is your powersupply in your desk with a paperclicp in it, and not in your case? I think it is a problem with your powersupply, becuase you pretty ruled out everything else. Pictures of you set up please?

2.) I know you can use a paperclicp to make the molex connectors of a power supply turn on. Maybe PCI-E connectors do not work that way? idk. You could take a multimeter and see if the PCI-E connectors have power. Maybe it could be a load balanceing issue that is freaking your power supply out? The only way to test that would be to hook up the power supply properly. Try a different power supply?

EDIT: 3.) Is there a system speaker installed on your mortherboard? Does your motherboard or video card beep when it starts up? This is important if it beeps, how long, and how many times. The beeps provide us with error codes.
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