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Install diagram for a GH-040-52 V14 PS2/Chipmod pro 2.0

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I just bought this mod chip from modchip.ca. It's a Modchip Pro 2.0 https://www.modchip.ca/store/product...cat=268&page=1 . I have a GH-040-52 75001 V14 slim PS2 mainboard and there are no diagrams for the GH-040-52. But the only thing I could find close enough for it is this diagram for a GH-040-51 http://i41.tinypic.com/2gydn36.jpg . So if anyone here knows where I can find this, or has it, or has done it. Please help.
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Originally Posted by BlackandBlue View Post
Link is gone. Is it a crystal chip?

It's called a "Chipmod Pro 2.0". I think modchips.ca design/program/manufacture them.

It's alright though, I sold the PS2 slim I had and I'm going to buy a 79001 and up model.
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