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Install windows without a disk but a code?

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My laptop came with a serial key on the case but no disk, well long story short I had to re-format. Its windows vista, where would I get the disk from to install and would my code still work despite it being used before (by myself)
Also if your wondering my warranty is over.

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Originally Posted by Crazy9000
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Getting a torrent of windows is not legal, unless microsoft.com does some weird windows beta torrent or something crazy (yeah right with all their servers lol).

Borrowing a friends disk and using your code should be legal, just make sure it's the same type of windows so your code will work.

This is true. You can torrent the same copy of Windows or borrow one legally. When you paid the ridiculous price for Windows, you payed for your license. That license is yours now and is "activated" with your code.
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