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install windows xp on a external hhd via usb (For internal booting)

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for some reason my computer wont let me install Any os on my hhd (xp, seven, ubuntu, osx) though I could load a Gentoo livedvd would run

So can i install an os (xp) on a external via usb tryed VMware but that only picks up internal drives.. is there a way to mask a usb drive as an internal so that I can pick it in VMware, or should I approach this differently
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I know you can boot from a usb drive.

Maybe you could install xp on another drive on another computer, and then use acronis to ghost it onto the usb, and then set the bios to boot from usb.

I dunno if that is exactly what you wanted to do...
I can't install xp normally (with the drive in the laptops hhd bay) so I want to install it via usb on my second laptop and then put it in the hhd bay of the first computer (first comp's sata, second is ide, otherwise I would use the hhd bay in the second comp.. but its ide and not sata)
What issues/error messages are you running into when you try to install by booting to a DVD?
I don't get one it just freezes and it makes my screen scramble the colors in the picture

at about 2-3 seconds into these screens

any idea, and it was after xp did an update and force my computer to shutdown, after 5 min but i just hit restart xp and 7 didn't boot up though osx did so I wiped the drive and tryed to install xp and this happens
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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