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Installed Some VRM cooling (Enzotech BBC9) on MSI gtx 560

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And well there not doing anything good from what I can tell, I find it hard to get my video card stable over 970mhz core and 2200 on the mem.. Any voltage over 1.050v and 30 secs into any game or bench and it hard locks the pc.

Before I was able to go 995-1ghz at 1.12v.. Now I cannot get even close to that.. I was hoping to get them to stabilize my oc maybe use a little less volts for 1ghz but sigh.. Nothing good came from them yet..

Guess ima have to remove them.. Crosses fingers..
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Yes, it seems the core itself is really whats limits the 560's. I have voltage to spare (stock voltage of 1.012v), very good temps and cooling everywhere on my Gigabyte 560 SOC and I can barely get anything over stock stable. Maybe 1010-1015 on the core. I've tried all the way up to 1.1v and I dont think that really helps get 1015Mhz stable.
Wow, so they did nothing good?
I have been trying to oc my TFII card but anything over 1.050v and the drivers fail, not hard lockup though.
Even at stock clock it would do the same, sigh. Next week im getting bmr-c1 hs from enzotech, how did those 9mm ones fit? Was there much room left?
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