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Installing a Quadro and a gtx 295 on one motherboard ,NOT SLI, is it possible ?!

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HI ,

I made a new pc a couple of months ago. mostly , i use my computer for programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, 3ds Max and Maya , i do a little gaming sometimes ,

here's my PC's specs : Asus Rampage 2 Extreme , i7 965 extreme , gskill 6gb 1600 , corsair 1000hx PS , Asus GTX 295

i thought that gtx 295 would be good for such programs too as it is for gaming , it turns out , it's not , now i'm thinking of getting a quadro , i wanna ask that is it possible to install a quadro on this motherboard at the same time that the gtx is installed , i don't mean to make a sli , i wanna use two monitors , one plugged in gtx 295 and one plugged in quadro , and use one for applications and one for gaming , is this gonna work ? is it possible ?!

any help is really really appreciated .
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Yes, it will work, though you could just use RivaTuner to make GTX 295 act like a Quadro when you're doing graphics and a GeForce when you're doing gaming. I think you would be able to make it think it was a FX 4800, but you'd have to check the options in RivaTuner.

Here's how:
I would really just get another 295. Its cheaper i presume, not to mention you wont hassle with some potential compatibility problems
You don't need a Quadro for what you are doing.
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