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Installing RAID 0 on P5B deluxe

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Alright I am planning on getting my new rig up within a weeks time. But I have some questions about installing a RAID setup on it. I'm new to the RAID thing, Ive read some stuff on it, but I wanted to get some opinions from members who use it, more specifically use the Asus P5B Deluxe mobo.

How do I do it on that mobo?
What drivers do I need?
Do I need any windows drivers?
Can I slipstream the windows RAID drivers into my XP install cd and How would I do that?
Can I make partitions with RAID 0?
Do I need a floppy drive?

Thanks in advance to any who post.
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Wow, I just did RAID on my P5B...

1. Read and learn
2. The drivers from your ASUS Disk
3. Not after you install windows, you dont
4. You could but, it is a waste of time
5. Yes
6. Yes

This is how you do it:
Insert ASUS disk. Select the 32 bit intel raid driver...insert floppy then put it on there.

Next, you will restart comp and hit Ctl+I

configure your settings then restart again

Inster windows disk then hit F6

Then continue with installation of windows.
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Any other people want to chime in?
Alright so I am using Nlite to slipstream my drivers

Can anyone link me to the ones I need?
hmmm I can't find any of the drivers I need. This really sucks. Cause I don't have a floppy drive and I need to slipstream them into the windows cd.
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