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installing SP2

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ok windows gurus help me out here, cause i mainly use linux (slack/gentoo) so xp is supposed to be a piece of cake but since its also a POS its being a PITA right now.

i go to windows update to get sp2 (just installed xp yesterday and got all updates prior to sp2 (except i never had to download sp1?? i kept going with the auto updates and it got to sp2 after a few security updates, never did sp1) anyway, it starts downloading the next update (sp2) and stays at 0% forever. i cancel, go to windows update manually (only time i ever use IE
) and it says next update is sp2, click download, stays at 0% forever; then i download dev-c++ from sourceforge, 90kb/s

what gives??

sp2 on windows update is 70mb. from third party sites its 270MB. so i dont want a third party link, i want a fix to this ****ty windows update crap

people say windows is easier, but really, its linux that just works.
thanks in advance
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I just wanted to say that windows update is buggy as HELL....seriously it updates itself and tells you it's doing your system good, and the next moment I realize the icon has magically disappeared.

I'm think at some point the update will complete. If windows update broke (the icon-based update) you could always try repairing it.

In case you didn't know about this, put in your Windows XP disk, and go to start>run> sfc /scannow

It's worth a try
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If you write to ms they will send you a sp2 disk for free, thats what I did and I install sp2 right after I install xp then do the updates from there site afterwards.
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