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Just received my 2 new FM181 fans which will replace the stock FN181's.

I just installed them correctly...or so i though

Seems like I can't adjust the rpm through my Scythe Käze fan controller.
I then wanted to install the controllers who were included, but I have no idea how to do that.
Just got no clue what to connect with what and how

Her you can find pictures of the included cables and such:

tnx in advance

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Your fan has 2 cables attached: long and short

There are 2 ways: (use only one of the 2 to control)

1. Control the fan speed by the supplied control module
(a) use the supplied 3-pin to 4-pin molex cable to connect the long cable to a power source (ie your PSU)
(b) connect the short cable from the fan to the included control module

2. Control the fan speed by your Scythe Kaze fan controller
(a) use the supplied full-speed-connector (red) to the short cable. The idea is to electrically short/bypass the resistor so that full speed is allowed at this end.
(b) connect the long cable to your Scythe Kaze fan controller

Refer to the following diagram , colour-coded for easy reference.
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