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Installing XP-90 on a socket 478

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Hey guys. I have a socket 478 mobo, P4PE-X by ASUS. I just ordered an XP-90 and plan on installing it myself. Is there anything I should know for safety precautions? Are there any sites which you could direct me to that could show me what exactly to do, just so I can make sure I'm doing it right? I don't want to f..mess this up. Thanks
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Originally Posted by Kopi

Wow guys you are quick! Awesome advice too. I'm getting a Panaflo of some sort...he threw it in to an additional 5 bucks so i didnt ask! He said its decent. Helped alot, I'll post back here when I get the fan. I had AS5 but I ran out helping out my buds n stuff. I do have some OCz overclocking paste. It cost 10 bucks so it should do

One major worry of mine...please say it isn't so!

# AMD: Athlon64 FX 3200+ (socket 939/940) /Athlon64 3200+ (socket 754) and above
# Intel: Pentium-4 socket 478 3.2 GHz and above

I don't have a 3.2GhZ!!!

P.S. Huge fan of the 455 Buick..huge

As long as its socket 478 it doesnt matter.
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