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Intel 575 Overclocking

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I have an Intel 575 @ 2.00 GhZ on my Acer extensa 5230 ! I know that is not so good to make a overclock on a laptop, but i want to know if i can make the proc. to work at 2.5 GhZ with only 4-8 degrees more?

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance!
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If you can change the FSB make sure you get one of those laptop coolers so that you can make sure it doesnt heat up too much. It really isnt a great idea to OC your laptop though.
You might be able to, using a tool called ClockGen, it might not work though. It's very dependant on the motherboard.

Keep an eye on the temps though, laptop heatsinks generally suck.
Ok, thank you very much for the information..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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