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Intel build need help

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I have a finished CoolerMaster cosmos RC1000 with the CoolerMaster 1kw powersupply, the EVGA Nvidia 780i mobo w/VooDoo liquid cooling on the cpu of Intel quad core2 2.66hz Q9450, 4G 800Hz Corsair Pc2 6400 DDR2 SDRAM, EVGA GTX280 graphic, multi-drives [two WD 500G 7200x16G and two SG 300G 7200x16G] w Pheonix Bios. Two New Pioneer optical drives and the latest CyberLink Blue Ray suite supported by both drives, Creative Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeGamer pro audio, that is for sale however the new biometrics power switch has never worked [warranty part is coming]. If anyone is interested in helping me to install the warranty replacement biometric power switch let me know?
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