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Intel Burn Test

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Just used this program for the first time tonight and did 10 passes on the maximum stress test.Passed 100%.Does this mean I am relatively stable.
Temps on one of the cores reached 70-72 and the others 65-68 degress.Is this normal.Even on Prime95 I never seen temps this high.
Ambient Temp is around 62-64 degrees
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IntelBurnTest get's your CPU to higher temps then any other stress testing app. After 10 passes I'd say it's pretty stable, you could try some more. 72c is a tad on the high side though. With that vcore you can probably go much higher.
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That is pretty good. This test will cause the highest temps you will ever see, far more then any game or other work your computer will do.

If you could see any type of amperage monitor for your mosfets you would see them go higher as you go thru the test. Prime blend would be lowest, large ffts medium, small ffts high and then linpack would be the highest draw hence the increase in temps.
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Well the ambient temp of the room plays a huge role.If my room was hot I definately would not run IBT thats for sure.This program sure put a heap of stress on the cpu.
Anways no game or application would stress the cpu like this program thats for sure.I know the limit for q9450 is 1.3625 so im staying below that.I am pretty happy with 3.5 ghz.Im pretty sure it would not bottleneck my 285 gtx
IBT stresses the cpu a lot more than any other stress tester, so those temps are understandable. If it finished 10 passes, I'd say it's stable.
There is a another 1 : Intel thermal analysis tool.
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