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Originally Posted by Remonster


The thing I don't understand is why is the top of the line CPU only 2.67GHz? Can anyone confirm the fact that they can run 9-12 operations per clock? Although seriously, to remain competitive they would have to do ATLEAST 10 if not 12 ops/cycle since AMDs can do 9 and they go up to 2.8GHz.....

Anyways, its nice to see the whole family moving up to 1066MHz FSB which makes even more sense since all of the new Merom (dual core mobile chips with 2x2MB cache) run at a 667MHz FSB which is the highest of any Intel Mobile chip save for the Pentium 4 Ms which are 800MHz but which are also horribly slow....

Of other interesting note is the these new 1066FSB CPUs means that the "normal" speed of memory to run at a 1:1 ratio with a stock Conroe would be DDR2 533 which is another area where Conroe doesn't seem as high and mighty as we all though, AMDs entire socket AM2 family runs off of a 1333MHz FSB with a 333 HT speed which means their 1:1 memory will be DDR2 667.

One last thing, the link above also mentions a Pentium D 960 3.6GHz Presler will also be released soon (April also?) and the whole Intel lineup will get major price cuts.

Awesome. I'm not going to get an AMD next time anymore
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