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Hey Overclocking Gurus, I have a question for you.

Is it possible to overclock the Intel Core i5-2410M & Intel HD Graphics 3000 that comes with the ASUS U56E Laptop?

If not could I be pointed in the right direction in any software or drivers that will increase my performance while playing World of Warcraft Legion, Diablo III and Path of Exile on either Windows 10 (Daily Driver) or Windows 7 (Alternative).

My fps in these games is horrendous and I have tried everything to my own avail & knowledge to try and increase my performance & FPS while playing these games and I'm not sure any of it has helped much...

Also if anyone plays World of Warcraft and have a .config file which goes in the WOW folder for the in-game graphics settings that worked for them with the Intel's HD 3000M I would greatly appreciate it.


Profiles for Process Lasso/Park Control


Which settings in Intel Graphics & Media Control Panel (3D settings) I should be using without changing World of Warcraft graphics to look like it's being played through a LCD screen with vaseline caked on it.
Example: 3D Preference, Custom Settings Box Checked (If so what Anisotropic Filtering setting I should use & Which Vertical Sync Setting I should use or just leave custom settings Unchecked?


Software I have tried:

Process Lasso
Park Control
Razer Cortex (Game Booster)
Windows Repair 2018 (All In One)


3rd Party Drivers I have tried:

Catalyst UnifL – Catalyst Unified Leshcat Drivers (current drivers that I am using)


3rd Party Drivers I could not get to install (Informed me that my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements):

Tekno Gods Royal BNA Driver -

I am using a 40" Sanyo LCD TV (HDMI), Desktop Resolution (1920x1080) (60p Hz Refresh Rate)

Thank you for your help!
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