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Ok guys since the closure of the 750 club i have decided to make this new club which will be updated everyday if i can.

I've made a quick sig http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/866860-intel-core-i5-7xx-club.html#post11327146
Core I5 7xx Club

you can download the text file via attachment

Basic Info on the 7xx Series

Core i5 is a brand name used by Intel for several microprocessors, the first of which were introduced in late 2009. It is positioned between the mainstream Core i3 & Core 2 and the high-end Core i7 & Xeon brands.

Core I5 Turbo Boost Technology

Intel Turbo Boost is a technology implemented by Intel in certain versions of their Nehalem-based CPUs, including Core i5 and Core i7. Turbo Boost allows dynamically increasing CPU clock-speed on demand.

Turbo Boost activates when the operating system requests the highest performance state of the processor. Processor performance states are handled via ACPI which is supported by all major operating systems so no additional software or drivers are required to support this new technology.

Most refer to this concept as "dynamic overclocking".
When the processor has not reached its thermal and electrical limits and the user's workload demands additional performance, the processor clock frequency will dynamically increase in increments of 133 MHz on short and regular intervals until a thermal or power limit is reached or the maximum speed for the number of active cores is reached. Conversely, when any of the limits are reached or exceeded, the processor frequency will automatically decrease in decrements of 133 MHz until the processor is again operating within its limits.

(Example Speed from i7920XM)
The normal operating frequency is 2.0 GHz. Turbo is indicated as: 2/2/8/9 in which the first number is the multiple of 133.33 MHz supported when four cores are active, the second number is the multiple for three cores, the third number is for two cores, and the fourth number is for one active core.

Subject to limits on temperature, current and power consumption, the processor can increase its clock speed in steps of 133.33 MHz to:
With 3 or 4 cores active: to 2.26 GHz ----->2000 + 2 Ã- 133.33 = 2000 + 266.66 ≃ 2266
With 2 cores active: to 3.06 GHz ------->2000 + 8 Ã- 133.33 = 2000 + 1066.64 ≃ 3067
With only 1 core active: to 3.20 GHz ------>2000 + 9 Ã- 133.33 = 2000 + 1199.97 ≃ 3200
Please post overclocks and issues about the 7xx series here

P.S i would prefer CPUZ validation which you can download HERE

Example -

You can also download the CoreI5 wallpaper HERE
Members List
Kylzer - 3.997GHZ @ 1.328v
jetpuck73 - 3.569GHZ @ 1.246v
jak3z - 4.07GHZ @ 1.312v
djsi38t - 4.501GHZ @ 1.464v
realcyberbob - Stock
Ddreder - 3.199GHZ @ 1.184v
bakageta - 4GHZ @ 1.344V
Ood Sec - 3.192GHZ @ 1.088v
Schoat333 - 4.726GHZ @ 1.488v
triangle - 4.008GHZ @ 1.247v
8800Gamer - 4.005GHZ @ 1.364v
PATRON_SAINT - 3.359GHZ @ 1.264v
Falesh - 3.92GHZ @ 1.33125v
grandestfail9190 - 4.013GHZ @ 1.328v
Slick Slab McKnab - Stock
brianfast - 3.675GHZ @ 1.392v
nmanley - 3.680GHZ @ 1.296v
Versa - 4.2GHZ @ 1.456v
XtremeCuztoms - 4.805GHZ @ 1.568v
[email protected] - 4.1GHZ @ 1.392v
Kayoh - 3.359GHZ @ 1.248V
Gimbly -4.213GHZ @ 1.344v
Hmmster - Stock

~sizzzle~ - 4.78GHZ @ 1.541v
Bassdoken - Stock
dog5566 - 4GHZ @ 1.328v
Nahte27 - 4.116GHZ @ 1.388v
SmithyD86 - 3.6GHZ @1.225v
0mar32 - 4.011GHZ @ 1.232v
10ACJED - 4.0GHZ @ 1.352v
The Network - 3.434GHZ @ stock
whe3ls - 4.105GHZ @ 1.264v
GlockZoR IV - 4.011GHZ @ 1.36v
Will29j - 4.2GHZ @ 1.288v
XtremeCuztoms - 4.840GHZ @ 1.552v
Chinesethunda - 3.953GHZ @ 1.364v

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Nice of you to do this. But if I could make one small suggestion, it would be to see posts like this...

(i7 example)

User Name: (Example: Jodiuh)
CPU: i7 930
FPO/Batch #: 3023A515
VID (stock/auto): unsure
Store: Frys - Tempe, AZ
Purchased In: September 2010

OC: 4000.0 Mhz
Stability: 20 runs LinX Problem size: 24347 Memory: 4542 All
Room Temp: 27 C
CPU Temp: 43 C / 85 C (highest core)
Hyper Threading / Turbo Boost / Multiplier: Yes / No / 20x
Stepping: 5
Revision: D0
Loaded Vcore/Core Voltage: 1.248 V
Cooling: Air
Cooler brand/model: TRUE Rev. A (lapped, but w/ a slightly crushed heatpipe)
Fan: Thermaltake Thunderblade A1926 @ 1450 RPM
Case: Stacker 810
Front Fans: 3 SFLEX E 1200 RPM
Middle Fans: 2 SFLEX E 1200 RPM
Rear Fans: 2 Arctic Cooling AF-12's

Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0
Bios Version: FB
Bclock: 200
QPI Voltage: 1.35 V
IOH Voltage: 1.20 V
Operating System: An unhappy Win 7 64

RAM Brand & Type: 3 stability challenged sticks of Corsair in the 2GB flavor
RAM Part #: CMX6GX3M3C1600C7
RAM Rated Speed: 1600 Mhz
RAM Actual Speed: 1600 Mhz
RAM Latency: 7-8-7-20 2T
RAM Actual Latency: 9-9-9-24 2T (yes, that bad)
RAM Voltage: 1.65 V
RAM Actual Voltage: 1.66 V

Obviously some of it would be different, but that would allow us to do some better comparisons...maybe even help push up our own clocks. Oh and pictures!


Just Lift Bro
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Originally Posted by Jodiuh View Post
Nice of you to do this. But if I could make one small suggestion, it would be to see posts like this...
I'm all for that format

its if the users can manage to do it

Still i'd like to see CPUZ validation for now and hopefully if theres more interest i can make a spread sheet with all that sorta info.

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Originally Posted by kylzer View Post
...hopefully if theres more interest i can make a spread sheet with all that sorta info.
Oh heavens no, LOL!! For an updated 1st post, what u have is more than enough. I just meant individual posts with that type of info. Like a mobo thread with BIOS templates, it makes for good reading.

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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Don't worry, we are friendly

Oh no, its me that's the problem. I'd feel superior to the 3's and wildly jealous of the 7's. And if anyone's running a Gigabyte board all hell would break loose.

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Count me in, will post pics on Saturday or Sunday but most probably Saturday. got an i5 760 currently Stock but OC IN PROGRESS

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i will GLADLY move to a more active i5 thread that other one was starting to irratate me anyways.. crap now i have to learn how to use cpuz validation lol ill try and post one when i get home plus i have to redo im OC since i figured out that that wasnt causing my hard locks in my games yay for spending another day stress testing..

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I'll join up. Hmm.. Which validation to use ?..
How about this one.

I'll throw in the screenshot for the 1m run on that.

That 4.7 1m run is as far and hard as I've pushed it and I'm not likely to exceed that anytime soon. I was pushing for the lowest 1m time for a 760 on air for HWBOT http://www.hwbot.org/hardware/proces...=cpubenchmarks Mission accomplished. Though I'm temped to take another shot at it as I'm pretty sure I can improve the time at the same clock with a little more work.

My 24/7 clocks look a bit more like this.

There is definitely a sweet spot at 4.0 for me.


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Originally Posted by kylzer
View Post

I assume 1.2v is wrong on CPUZ

Depends on how you look at it I guess. 1.2v at idle with all the power savings stuff on. That is the only way I've figured out how to get my board to run with the 25 multi. Now normally I might have ran Prime95 in the background for the load voltage validation but I wasn't going to attempt that with that overclock. Keeping the temps under control for a 1M SuperPi run and running Prime95 at over 1.5v are two different things.
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