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This thread is to collect all stable overclocked Personal Computers with an Intel Micro-Processor.

The systems that are submitted to this thread have to be stable, or else they will not be added.

At least one of the following must be completed for the system to be defined stable, and screenshots of this must be shown to prove that it is indeed stable, 2 hours of stress testing is required using the applications as listed below:

• Prime95
• Orthos
• IntelBurnTest (please see additional info below)

Only these tests will be accepted, others can not be used unless previously agreed in the Discussion thread.

Note: You must run one instance of stress testing per CPU core (physical or virtual). This can be accomplished manually or through use of one of the newer software revisions that automatically tests all cores or through running multiple instances of the application and manually assigning affinity for each instance.

The following information must be stated when submitting a system:

• Processor model (e.g. Core 2 Duo E6600, Pentium 650, etc.)
• CPU clock speed (in GHz to the hundredth digit; e.g. 3.75GHz)
• Hyperthreading (on or off, for CPU's with HT capability only)
• CPU Bus/Bclk speed (e.g. 450MHz FSB, 200 Bclk, etc.)
• CPU multiplier setting (e.g. 9x, 20x, etc.)
• CPU core model (e.g. Conroe, Prescott, Yorkfield, etc.)
• CPU batch/stepping (e.g. Batch L629F, G0 revision, etc.)
• CPU voltage (as reported in CPU-Z; e.g. 1.45V, 1.344V)
• Motherboard model (e.g. DFI P35-T2RS, Asus Maximus Extreme, etc.)
• Cooling (please be specific, include fan setup if on air cooling, both CPU waterblock and radiator if on watercooling)
• RAM size/model (e.g. 8GB G.Skill PI DDR2-800)
• RAM speed (in DDR; e.g. DDR2-800, DDR3-1750, etc.)
• SuperPI result (1M) - Mod 1.5 validation version

Note: You must include a VALIDATED CPU-Z link in all submissions. This info also needs to be included in the same screen as the stress testing either as a separate window in the screen shot or having CPU-Z open once a validation has been processed (i.e. the validation number is shown in the lower left corner of the program) along with the stress testing window.

Note 2: When providing your screenshot, please show your stress testing application at 2 or more hours as well as task manager showing that all cores are at 100%. In the same screen, please show CPU-Z (for proof of voltage) and SuperPi 1M result. While not required, it is recommended that you attach the screenshot to your post instead of hosting it on another website.

Note 3: For IntelBurnTest users: Because IBT does not have a timer, it's recommended to set the test to run for a high number of passes (500+ for example) and after two hours has passed, stop the test manually.

Please refer to the Downloads section for stress test applications.


5/5/10 through post #671.

22/1/12 through post #718.

5/4/12 through post #736.

26/5/12 through post #739.

8/5/12 through post #741.

22/5/12 through post #747.

30/5/12 through post #751.

7/6/12 through post #754.

15/6/12 through post #756.

22/11/12 through post #764

**Thread originally started by The Manual, taken over by NuclearCrap, then BiG O, now Malcolm as of 22/01/2012

-----------------The List-----------------

Pentium, Celeron (Netburst)

Pentium M

740 @ 2.10GHz by manyu882

Pentium 4

P4 by GHz series
2.4GHz @ 3.01GHz by THE-ENIGMA
2.4GHz @ 3.20GHz by shajbot
2.4GHz @ 3.40GHz by brad32406
2.4GHz @ 3.59GHz by |2acerX|
2.4GHz @ 4.00GHz by Trippen Out
2.4GHz @ 4.01GHz by Orange
2.6GHz @ 2.80GHz by chiggz
2.6GHz @ 3.15GHz by Wudaddy
2.6GHz @ 3.38Ghz by WhiteGoblin
2.8GHz @ 3.50GHz by Villainstone
2.8GHz @ 3.80GHz by tomasro

2.8GHz @ 3.83GHz by cgull

2.8GHz @ 3.31GHz by cgull

3.0GHz @ 3.60GHz by shajbot
3.0GHz @ 3.76GHz by Sk88erguy
3.0GHz @ 3.86GHz by RyGuy1788
3.0GHz @ 4.01GHz by Biomech
3.2GHz @ 3.62GHz by Br0k3nLiNK
3.2GHz @ 4.00GHz by AMOCO
3.4GHz @ 4.11GHz by lohoutlaw

520 @ 4.00GHz by CorporalAris
530 @ 3.70GHz by chim3ra
531 @ 3.91GHz by spud
540 @ 4.12GHz by geil
550 @ 3.93GHz by cgrado


630 @ 3.69GHz by GuberX
630 @ 3.75GHz by johnny9794
630 @ 3.75GHz by gohandbz88
630 @ 3.82GHz by supraholic
630 @ 3.91GHz by CL3P20
630 @ 4.01GHz by Rouboute
630 @ 4.01GHz by hen3rz
630 @ 4.02GHz by Ropey
630 @ 4.13GHz by cowboyzkickazz
630 @ 4.21GHz by SpaceCat
631 @ 3.75GHz by CrackClocker
631 @ 4.01GHz by nioton
640 @ 4.15GHz by steffche
650 @ 4.02GHz by OC'ing noob
660 @ 4.50GHz by busa

Pentium D

805 @ 3.21GHz by Perry
805 @ 3.87GHz by ericaster
805 @ 4.00GHz by diveAddict
805 @ 4.11GHz by da9pwnsu
820 @ 3.03GHz by Stephant
820 @ 3.58GHz by 1ceHacka
820 @ 3.71GHz by dpawl31
820 @ 4.20GHz by dpawl31
830 @ 3.75GHz by forcemasteryoda
830 @ 3.91GHz by TheKraken

920 @ 4.37GHz by phiken
930 @ 4.22GHz by jcharlesr75
930 @ 4.31GHz by gtpuser
930 @ 4.51GHz by extrinsicdin
930 @ 4.66GHz by tiwas
940 @ 4.20GHz by RPIJG
940 @ 4.41GHz by cowboyzkickazz
940 @ 4.52GHz by Adeoliver
945 @ 4.22GHz by unbreakable
955 EE @ 4.27GHz by Manco
960 @ 4.72GHz by TURN & BURN


Celeron by MHz/GHz series
433MHz @ 546MHz by tenchimuyo93
2.4GHz @ 3.02GHz by bribobt
D 2.93GHz @ 3.91GHz by 711

320 2.40GHz @ 3.91GHz by cgull

D 300-series
D 315 @ 2.72GHz by jonathonparker
D 330 @ 3.40GHz by jjross
D 336 @ 4.21GHz by Nasgul
D 341 @ 3.50GHz by firefox is awesome
D 356 @ 5.00GHz by Chozart
D 360 @ 4.16GHz by g_tech9

Core 2 Duo/Quad, Pentium Dual-Core, Celeron (Core)



E1500 @ 2.92GHz by michaelxlife

Pentium Dual-Core

E2140 @ 3.10GHz by vtx_
E2140 @ 3.20GHz by andrebrait
E2140 @ 3.20GHz by andrebrait
E2140 @ 3.26GHz by Coco10
E2140 @ 3.20GHz by Ben the OCer
E2140 @ 3.40GHz by flowtek
E2160 @ 2.91GHz by a7m1
E2160 @ 3.00GHz by KingsidePressure
E2180 @ 2.88GHz by Pasha1234
E2180 @ 3.36GHz by Code Geass
E2180 @ 3.43GHz by ben160972
E2200 @ 3.10GHz by g_tech9
E2200 @ 3.30GHz by twisted_58

E5200 @ 3.00GHz by Quantum Reality
E5200 @ 3.19GHz by Deth V
E5200 @ 3.50GHz by bk7794
E5200 @ 3.75GHz by nolonger
E5200 @ 4.00GHz by madmike0408
E5300 @ 3.83GHz by W4LNUTS

Core 2 Duo

E4300 @ 2.83GHz by Kimon
E4300 @ 3.20GHz by jasonck08
E4300 @ 3.31GHz by 021411
E4300 @ 3.38GHz by TheAlienwareGamer
E4300 @ 3.96GHz by MADMAX22
E4400 @ 3.21Ghz by scuderia
E4500 @ 3.34GHz by GigaByte

E6300 @ 2.55GHz by Jimmy2Shoe
E6300 @ 3.00GHz by madmike0408
E6300 @ 3.21GHz by Swamp_Man
E6300 @ 3.47GHz by Visions666
E6300 @ 3.50GHz by ckp64
E6300 @ 3.51GHz by henrys
E6300 @ 3.60GHz by cowboyzkickazz
E6300 @ 3.66GHz by im_not_an_artard
E6320 @ 3.39GHz by Regz
E6400 @ 3.04GHz by naturalite
E6400 @ 3.44GHz by spud
E6400 @ 3.84GHz by MADMAX22
E6420 @ 3.20GHz by Blackout
E6420 @ 3.44GHz by Takendown2
E6420 @ 3.41GHz by CMH
E6420 @ 3.50GHz by SG_Stryker
E6420 @ 3.60GHz by djabi90
E6420 @ 3.60GHz by ckp64
E6420 @ 3.70GHz by AzN1337c0d3r
E6550 @ 3.10GHz by mustkill
E6550 @ 3.11GHz by pastienot
E6550 @ 3.28GHz by razr7
E6550 @ 3.30GHz by weazel
E6550 @ 3.43GHz by Prymus
E6550 @ 3.50GHz by Syrillian
E6600 @ 3.00GHz by Toonboy
E6600 @ 3.00GHz by Kasaris
E6600 @ 3.01GHz by wongb18c
E6600 (Xeon 3060) @ 3.15GHz by jdPrime
E6600 @ 3.20GHz by itslogz
E6600 @ 3.29GHz by superk
E6600 @ 3.33GHz by ThaWaxShop
E6600 @ 3.40GHz by Zeus
E6600 @ 3.40GHz by Radeon915
E6600 @ 3.40GHz by lohoutlaw
E6600 @ 3.42GHz by RAGEous
E6600 (Xeon 3060) @ 3.42GHz by Kostasis
E6600 @ 3.43GHz by CatTech
E6600 @ 3.50GHz by Intervention
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by Witchfire
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by trendy
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by The Argosy
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by gre0481
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by Farwalker
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by DennisC
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by The_Manual
E6600 @ 3.60GHz by Blizzie
E6750 @ 3.68GHz by spencer22l
E6600 @ 3.71GHz by ericeod
E6600 @ 3.81GHz by Mister Crowley
E6600 @ 4.01GHz by dave24
E6600 @ 4.04GHz by MADMAX22
E6700 @ 3.52GHz by alexisd
E6700 @ 3.68GHz by CL3P20
E6750 @ 3.40GHz by real
E6750 @ 3.40GHz by BTK
E6750 @ 3.60GHz by ErdincIntel
E6750 @ 3.60GHz by tonedeaf
E6750 @ 3.72GHz by Napoleon85
E6750 @ 3.80GHz by outlawsbba
E6750 @ 3.84GHz by The Vector Kid
E6750 @ 3.90GHz by Mr Face
E6850 @ 3.60GHz by Everrdi

E7200 @ 3.04GHz by tusku
E7200 @ 3.20GHz by magicalmuffin
E7200 @ 3.54GHz by Drift0r
E7200 @ 3.60GHz by nonzenze
E7200 @ 3.80GHz by TheShaman
E7200 @ 4.01GHz by kgd1
E7300 @ 3.50GHz by GreatBigMouth
E7300 @ 3.70GHz by Lord Xeb
E7400 @ 3.39GHz by GnarusLeo
E7400 @ 3.62GHz by Hoodcom
E7400 @ 3.74GHz by foyboy
E7400 @ 3.81GHz by minu94
E7400 @ 3.90GHz by Division
E7400 @ 4.20GHz by Stellarex

E8200 @ 3.48GHz by aCidfaCe
E8200 @ 3.75GHz by Butterbum
E8400 @ 3.60GHz by Aznboy1993
E8400 @ 3.60GHz by usapatriot
E8400 @ 3.60GHz by Jmannumber7
E8400 @ 3.80GHz by Zippy476
E8400 @ 3.81GHz by noodle
E8400 @ 3.83GHz by cooper_inc1
E8400 @ 4.00GHz by areal
E8400 @ 4.00GHz by str8wick3d
E8400 @ 4.00GHz by Trax416
E8400 @ 4.00GHz by SG_Stryker
E8400 @ 4.00GHz by Zippy476
E8400 @ 4.01GHz by icarusdown
E8400 @ 4.01GHz by Munchkinpuncher
E8400 @ 4.01GHz by DudeAbides
E8400 @ 4.01GHz by jasoncho92
E8400 @ 4.01GHz by Csquared
E8400 @ 4.01GHz by Arbitr
E8400 @ 4.04GHz by bloodmack
E8400 @ 4.04GHz by ocmooz
E8400 @ 4.05GHz by Neocold
E8400 @ 4.05GHz by igob8a
E8400 (Xeon E3110) @ 4.10GHz by DarkrReign2049
E8400 @ 4.10GHz by Lyric
E8400 @ 4.10GHz by UPSBud83
E8400 @ 4.11GHz by phatman81
E8400 (Xeon E3110) @ 4.16GHz by Retoric
E8400 @ 4.21GHz by Lyric
E8400 @ 4.25GHz by NCSpecV81
E8400 @ 4.26GHz by HotWasabiPeas
E8400 @ 4.30GHz by zlojack
E8400 @ 4.40GHz by Tr1ggrhappym0nk
E8400 @ 4.40GHz by XFreeRollerX
E8400 @ 4.50GHz by mumyoryu
E8500 @ 4.01GHz by apt2vanish
E8500 @ 4.01GHz by whatsthatsmell
E8500 @ 4.09GHz by jcuismano2
E8500 @ 4.17GHz by nemlich22
E8500 @ 4.20Ghz by go_roko
E8500 @ 4.21GHz by DeX
E8500 @ 4.27 by Tinuva
E8500 @ 4.30GHz by whatsthatsmell
E8500 @ 4.31GHz by alancsalt
E8500 @ 4.41GHz by whatsthatsmell
E8500 @ 4.44GHz by alancsalt
E8600 @ 4.00GHz by Kasaris
E8600 @ 4.86GHz by Hondacity

Core 2 Quad

Q6600 @ 3.00GHz by Br0k3nLiNk
Q6600 @ 3.00GHz by SacredChaos
Q6600 @ 3.00GHz by DarkDP

QX6700 @ 3.07GHz by DangerDaz
Q6600 @ 3.20GHz by SkillzKillz
Q6600 @ 3.20GHz by ninjinsamax3
Q6600 @ 3.24Ghz by Zeus
Q6600 @ 3.24GHz by huangpeng628
Q6600 @ 3.27GHz by Tylerjon7485
Q6600 @ 3.40GHz by Masuwata
Q6600 @ 3.40GHz by RajivNair
Q6600 @ 3.40GHz by 10acjed
Q6600 @ 3.40GHz by rHy0

Q6600 @ 3.40GHz by cgull
Q6600 @ 3.50GHz by PcG_AMD
Q6600 @ 3.50GHz by SacredChaos
Q6600 @ 3.50GHz by mbreitba
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by SacredChaos
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by tbates1244
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by Ravin
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by NiViK
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by mahtareika
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by TheDemonIII
Q6600 @ 3.60GHz by stevennn
Q6600 @ 3.69GHz by fjabad
Q6600 @ 3.80GHz by ChickenInferno
Q6600 @ 3.81GHz by Bassebo
Q6600 @ 3.91GHz by richardbb85
Q6600 @ 4.01GHz by Jkenzie
Q6700 @ 3.15GHz by NickPresta
Q6700 @ 3.33GHz by Chaos Assasson

Q8200 @ 3.01GHz by double00
Q8200 @ 3.40GHz by Donutey

Q9400 @ 3.40GHz by Prong
Q9400 @ 3.60GHz by Prong
Q9400 @ 3.60GHz by scaby
Q9400 @ 3.80GHz by reiben05
Q9450 (Xeon X3350) @ 3.50GHz by fireedo
Q9450 @ 3.50GHz by buxboy
Q9450 @ 3.60GHz by StarMick
Q9450 @ 3.70GHz by jcharlesr75

QX9650 @ 3.82GHz by Zhany
Q9550 @ 3.83GHz by aravi_992
Q9550 (Xeon X3360) @ 3.83GHz by Hemi
Q9550 @ 4.00GHz by Josh81
Q9550 @ 4.00GHz by GigaByte
Q9550 @ 4.25GHz by grahamcrackuh
Q9650 @ 4.05GHz by Shogon
Q9650 @ 4.20GHz by MakubeX
Q9650 @ 4.20GHz by GRABibus

Core i* line

Core i3


550 @ 4.44GHz by Starbomba

Core i5

750 @ 3.78GHz by CaptainSWJR
750 @ 3.80GHz by Cilraaz

750 @ 3.80GHz by N4villu5
750 @ 4.01GHz by MakubeX
750 @ 4.12GHz by PoppinJ


2500K @ 4.58GHz by Tunagoblin

3000-series (Ivy Bridge)

3570K @ 4.60GHz by cmdrdredd

Core i7

920 @ 3.52GHz by Bilco
920 @ 3.61GHz by Lyshk0
920 @ 3.66GHz by mushrooshi
920 @ 3.69Ghz by FtW 420
920 @ 3.80GHz by danz2097
920 @ 3.80GHz by Staged1
920 @ 3.82GHz by beyondPC

920 @ 3.90GHz by k98lemur

920 @ 4.00GHz by Purostaff
920 @ 4.01GHz by NuclearCrap
920 @ 4.02GHz by zang3tsu
920 @ 4.02GHz by whatsthatsmell
920 @ 4.03GHz by whatsthatsmell

920 @ 4.09GHz by PR-Imagery
920 @ 4.10GHz by Blameless
920 @ 4.20GHz by reficul
920 @ 4.31GHz by Patch

920 @ 4.37GHz by 153D
920 @ 4.40Ghz by NoodleGTS
920 @ 4.40Ghz by dtmcnamara
920 @ 4.42Ghz by ChickenInferno
920 @ 4.56GHz by justin.kerr


2600K @ 4.70GHz by PR-Imagery

2700K @ 4.80GHz by Prpntblr95


3820 @ 5.01GHz by HOMECINEMA-PC

*Note: Entries lacking complete information as described in the guidelines above have been omitted.

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• Processor model: Intel Core i7 920
• CPU clock speed: 4.01GHz
• Hyperthreading: On
• CPU Bclk speed: 211
• CPU multiplier setting: 19x
• CPU core model: Bloomfield
• CPU batch/stepping: 3838A, C0
• CPU voltage: 1.344V
• Motherboard model: Asus Rampage II Extreme
• Cooling: Swiftech GTZ (plus NBMAX for motherboard), GTX360
• RAM size/model: 12GB Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600
• RAM speed: DDR3-1686
• SuperPI result (1M): 10.389s

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OK....I'll be the first to step up.

I ran prime running 2 sets of large fft's which doesn't test much memory, so i ran memtest along with it.


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Originally Posted by lohoutlaw
Don't no if this is good but its worth a shot.

I have post my clock speeds and Prime 95 photo here

Hope it counts
Nice man....

you need to get a cpu-z validated screenshot of the overclock. Open cpu-z and go to the "about" tab and follow the steps to validate it then post the screenie.

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Originally Posted by Tonymontana1187
just got my p4 to 4.3, going to stresst test it, with some tight timings. (ahem busa) lol j/k nice job guys
just for you tony...good luck with your testing.

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Originally Posted by busa
...Nobody else with a good intel overclock? C'mon guys....I know your out there. Adas,BB...lets see those overclocks.

Pshh..my cpu sucks lol

I'm running it on air ATM and it won't get stable over 4.2ghz no matter what voltage(embarrassing)

I'll post in here when I actually get a chip that doesn't have tempermental attitude problems

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Here's mine



Originally Posted by DullBoi
Please guys can you tell me how to lock my memory freq. so that it wont rise with the increase in FSB.
Please anyhelp will be great.
It's supposed to do that, when overclocking your CPU your memory will follow along since it is on the same bus.

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I had to overclock my ram a bit to get it to 1:1 my Memory timeing 3-3-3-8 and thats as fast as i can take it to without hangups. but i still have low memory bandweith efficency.(bandweith efficency 47% )Why??? If you guys can help me with this then i`ll over clock it again and post the pic

54 Posts
Ahh come on guy's....u know i hate posting stuff like this..it make's some guy's feal bad,Im hear to help people reach high clock's and to show guy's the high end of computing...but i guess if the staff here need's me to post some pic's ill go grab some shot's and come back with them, Hold on to your panties boy's and girl's

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HERE is my validation and my Prime95 screenshot is attached.

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hye busa, my luck ran out, fried the prescott and the mobo, and the water supply, and the ram....

got new stuff on the way
asus p5n32-sli deluxe
mushkin 2x512mb ddr600
silverstone 600w
new curcuit board for my water cooling setup hope to go into the mid 4's
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