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I am new to the boards and am very interested in overclocking. Sadley, I bought this mobo. It's not that sad actually, it's quite a nice mobo. The reason that I'm posting is because I downloaded the tool that Intel released shortly after I got my MOBO, it's called Intel(R) Desktop Control Center. I read that you can't overclock Intel-manufactured motherboards because the bios is locked or something. I'm a newb at overclocking so bear with me.

Everytime I try to run the problem I get this error:

First box: An unexpected error occured during initialization
Second box: The instruction at "0x01821c66" referenced memory at "0x019d06a0". The memory could not be "read".

Clock on OK to terminate the program

Any help, anyone?
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What's better for overclocking, p4 or amd? I am buying something within the next two weeks, the only thing I like about my setup right now is my case and my mobo :p

maybe we should move this over to the amd section now but I dunno :p

Which amd 64 bit is good for it's money? the 3700 clawhammer is $469 @ newegg, but I was thinking of going like 3200 or 3400, any suggestions?
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