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Intel Desktop Control Center

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Hello, wasn't sure if this was the right place to post but figured since I have Asus P6X58d-e motherboard it was appropriate. I am building my PC and have the following:

Thermaltake VL200K Case
XFX 6870 video card
Corsair Vengaence 12 gig ram
Asus P6X58d-e motherboard
Seagate 1.5 7200 HD
Corsair H70 cooler
X4 1050 watt power supply
I7 970 chip

Anyway, I would like to overclock my chip. Can I use the Intel Desktop control center or can you only use this software on an intel motherboard?

If not, what is acceptable levels of overclocking of my i7 considering my setup. I don't want to push it that hard, something stable and it will be running probably 18 hours a day.

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Use hardware, not software, to OC
Go to the BIOS
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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