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Hello, first of all im sorry for my english. So i got P5QL-E Motherboard and Intel E5440 processor, i bought this computer not so long and i didnt knew that i have modded cpu slot, my motherboard have 775 LGA but my processor is 771 LGA. After i updated bios its start to show me this massage:

On internet i figure it out that it is a problem that i delete the modded bios which was there with microcodes for LGA 771 procesor. I was looking on internet and i know now that i must mod my new bios with old microcodes for E5440 771 processor. But i cant found it nowhere... i tryed even Intel webpage but im blind or i just cant found it, there is a lot of pages that talk about my problem but always with processor Intel E5450 which i dont know if i can use but better not... Can you help me where i can get it ? That moded bios for my motherboard and processor or just microcodes for it, that i can modid by myself then. But i never do it so it would be better have that done one.

Thank you and have a nice day

Edit: This is what cpu-z showing me, i think thats not good. Look at Core speed, Core voltage and multiplier : https://streamable.com/2uywn
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