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hi. guys i wanted to know what is going with my CPU.
i just got it installed E6500 2.9 ghz ( upgrade from D 820).

i use HWmonitor and core temp. and both gives me the same info.
core # 0 - 40C
core # 1 - 34C

it will stay like that for hours and hours. unless i crank up a blueray movie and a game at the same time. and it will still be

core # 0 - 41C
core # 1 - 34C

the thing is it have never gone down 40C and 34C ( just install a custom Heatsink/fan which improved 10C on my other computer) . i don't know what is going on. when i go into bios it shows 27C inside asus status. it seems not to go under 40C and 34C at all.

where is my real CPU temp.

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I've got an e6500 too, overclocked up to 3.3Ghz. My temps are about the same as yours. Here are some screenshots:

Both idles:

core # 0 - 42C
core # 1 - 34C

Core 0 idle:

core # 0 - 50C
core # 1 - 51C

Core 1 idle:

core # 0 - 58C
core # 1 - 50C

Both working:

core # 0 - 60C
core # 1 - 57C

First I thought it was due to the thermal grease, but then I saw your post. Do you still have the same temps?

Can you please make the same tests?
To stop only one core: File-->Stop-->Uncheck the box

What's quite weird is when Core 0 is idle!! Both cores have the same temps! oO


I got a reply from Bima Sylirian:


Yours seems fine to me. Yes, Core #0 is hotter than Core #1. The same thing also happen to me.
The difference between Core #0 and Core #1 temp in my CPU reach 13 C under heavy load with Prime95.
Core #0 can hit 70 or even surpass it but Core #1 only hit 60 C or lower than that most of the time.
Extreme isn't it?

Your CPU is stable right? It would be okay as long as it is stable.

Thanks Bima
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