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Intel G2 80Gb Questions

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Can you tell me the difference between these two G2 models:




I think the G2R5 comes with a mounting kit and the G2C1 does not, but they look physically different too.

1. Is there any specs that are different or does one perform better than another?

2. If I had each one of these could I put them in RAID together or would you suggest me getting both of the same?

3. Would you suggest one over the other? Why?
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First link does not work.

You would be correct, sir. If you look at the product pictures, the models are the same. The former just includes a mounting kit.

They should be capable of raid.

Nope, not unless you absolutely need an included mounting kit.
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Fixed link. I do need a mounting kit since I am using it in my Antec1200 that has 3.5" bays
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Where do you intend to purchase these drives, if I may ask?

Originally Posted by Ikrin View Post
Where do you intend to purchase these drives, if I may ask?
teh internets
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SSD access times are so much faster than HD, I pulled one of the two X25's I had in RAID-0 and will put it in another system. RAID-0 gives great transfer rates, but can't see a difference in normal use. Better to get the benefit of SSD in two systems.
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