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Intel i7 build stutters in COD4...Ideas?

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I just got done with my sig rig and tried out COD4 on it and about every 4 seconds it pauses for a split second and then resumes right back, it does this constantly and I absolutely can not figure it out. Anyone else have this problem?
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It never did that in my AMD 940 build and its the same 4870x2 that was in there... It was silky smooth in the AMD build.
Ok, it actually does it every 3 seconds and for around 30 seconds and then starts playing normal... This one has me puzzeled...
Do you have C1E and Speedstep enabled or disabled?
what about a program that monitors system performance? Like everest or rivatuner? The polling could occur every couple of seconds thus making your pc stutter.
i have the same problem but it stutters like ever 2 minutes for 2 second so i can barely notice it. Dopamin3 could speedstep and CIE have an affect on it?
speedstep and c1e are off, and i am using coretemp for temp monitoring.
Did you make sure your OC was stable using OCCT?
EDIT: Try upping your voltage to 1.3V
12hrs worth of prime stable.

Originally Posted by BADFASTBUSA
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12hrs worth of prime stable.

i would download OCCT http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/index.php?Download and test your cpu and gpu it well stress test anything in your system let it run a hour for your gpu and cpu if you get no errors then its a software issue
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Try running it at stock and then try it if it still stutters
Try running furmark to see if your gpu overclocks (if any) are stable.
If this happens when you join a server and stutters for the first 2 minutes then that's punkbuster scanning for cheats.

there is a console command to help but don't know what it is right now.
If you used your drivers off the disk, i say clean install and install new drivers off the net. For chipset and everything.
It does it even when my GPU isn't overclocked, plus, it makes it through 3dmark06 with flying colors. I'll give furmark a shot.

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If you used your drivers off the disk, i say clean install and install new drivers off the net. For chipset and everything.
Did that.
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I've always had stutters in cod4. What I did to fix it is I would alt-tab out go back in then type in console /vid_restart this should fix the stutter.
try reinstalling the game?
Try updating drivers, If you haven't done that already.
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