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Intel Pentium 630 Overclocking on DICE Motherboard/RAM

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This is what I'm going to get for a DICE run on a Intel Pentium 630 Dice Run



Does that sound good? Is the motherboard a bit of overkill that it has 2x PCIe Slots? My budget for the Motherboard and RAM is $175

I'm not sure if I should use XP, Vista, or 7 for the bench. I've got 3 seperate chips that are going to basically suicide runs. Is 1gb of ram enough? PCI or PCIe Graphics card?
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I have that mb and a 630. I was limited in voltage options on the mb for some strange reason. I tried maybe 2 different bios and still didn't get any more options. It was a waste that I couldn't do anything with the chip. Here is a thread I made about it.
Were you able to resolve the problem? Because I've got three of those chips and I don't want to waste my money and my time if I know that someone has been there an done that. Was it just on your particular motherboard? Is there a way to prevent this by getting a different motherboard, but still with great overclocking potential that support 90nm CPU's (as I see that was the problem i believe after viewing your post)
I never tried after that. I don't even know what I meant on my last post about 1.6v, unless that was in reference to cpu-termination. I once sold a 521 or similar model P4 to someone with an intel extreme P45 and he thought that I sold him a dead chip. It didn't work on that mb, but it worked on his P35, which was what I originally ran it on.
I would recommend a nice 965 or even 975 chipset for a 630..unless you have pin-mod'd the CPU... boot-straps and dividers can be troublesome..and limiting.
Not to mention your RAM will be tough to use much until you break 400FSB...
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