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intel q9650 and striker ii extreme...overclock???

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hi all..i have an intel q9650 and striker ii extreme with bios 1104.my vga is gtx 295 little overclocked,corsair dominator 1800 rams..the cpu is watercooled..
i started to overclocking the cpu yesterday..my results are now:4.16ghz cpu,1850 mhz ram 1:2 8-8-8-25..
volts are:1.38v for cpu,1.82v for ram,1.48v nb..all spectrums are disabled and EIST and thermal cpu throttling are also disabled..i'm running linked cpu and ram and synced..but from up to 4.2 ghz the system is unstable even when i give the following volts:1.42v cpu,1.89v ram,1.55v nb,1.5v sb..
can you give me some settings for this mobo??i'm new to 790i chipset

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I have the evga version of 790 board but here is an idea of what i run:
1950mhz fsb
Core 1.36875
FSB 1.4
Mem 1.925
SPP 1.52
MCP 1.6
PLL 1.5

Hope that helps good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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