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Not a bad read : <br />
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FEW MORE tidbits arrive about Intel's server roadmap. The updates range from Itanic to rebadged Conroes, and a whole bunch of roadmap pull ins. Let's go onward into the dark depths of DPG.<br />
First of all, the roadmap pull ins, or specifically the Clovertown pull in. Intel is ramping the quad core parts fast and hard, making an estimated 40% of the mix by the second quarter of 2007. <br />
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Knowing how these ramps work, that means on June 30, 2007, Intel will be churning out Clovertowns at that rate. In any case, it will put serious pressure not only on AMD, but on Woodcrest. The other 'core' parts are also sped up from the last set of public numbers.<br />

</div>Rest here :<a href="http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35387" target="_blank">http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35387</a>
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