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Intel Video Game Engine : Speculation

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Work in progress. Links to be added, more reasoning/proof to come.

We all know the news:

Early 2007
Intel and Daniel Pohl: Ray-tracing

September 15, 2007
Intel Acquires Havok Physics Engine

February 20, 2008
Intel Acquires Project Offset

At around the same time, Intel begins to detail Larrabee
Intel Larrabee
Wiki Larrabee

Lately, there have been rumors running around hinting that the next PlayStation will use Intel graphics, most certainly using the Larrabee architecture.
Intel PS4

ArsTechnica did a bit of an analysis recently, and their reasoning seems sound. An interview with Intel also loosely confirms these assumptions.

It is easy to see that Intel has all the resources and talent it needs to develop a game engine. Indeed, the Visual Computing Group at Intel is going on strong.

Furthermore, both ATI and Nvidia have actually released their graphics hardware from rasterization bounds, ATI with Stream and Nvidia with CUDA. Basically, they want to add some flexibility. Larrabee, on the other hand, is naturally flexible because it is any array of conventional CPU logic (x86 architecture).

So, does anyone else see what I see?

Intel releases a game engine optimized for Larrabee, using ray-tracing and Havok physics technology. PC and PS4 versions are availiable. By releasing an optimized engine, they avoid the Cell pitfalls.

Next, they pull an Ageia, and release the sofware for free. Intel certainly has the cash to pull this off.

Any better way to make a profound impact? Other than being the giant it already is?
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I think they are heading towards owning all parts of the computer. Def sounds possible, most are doubting the larrabee can perform with todays top cards. They would need something really good to get people to buy the ps4 and this might be it. Still to early to get any real details anyways.
well Intel Onboard Graphics has always sucked imo, for gaming people have always gone with Graphics Cards and Intel have already said that Larabee can preform as well as a 6 or 7 series cards, but thats not good enough for gaming

in the future if companys choose this path, we will have:






for CPUs/GPU setups
Because Nvidia also wants to make their own platform, why can't they just work together and have Intel/Nvidia VS AMD/ATI

or even more better

Intel/Nvidia/AMD/ATI all working to improve better technologys and merged into 1 company

that would be awesome

if Intel/Nvidia continue to try and control the platform with their products (and not share), they will get slaughtered by AMD/ATI
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if Intel/Nvidia continue to try and control the platform with their products (and not share), they will get slaughtered by AMD/ATI

Amen! AMD/ATI already outperforms nVidia on video playback, and, given time, will outperform on gaming too. But thats what I think
nVidia will always be around, but power will change in our lifetime, maybe twice or more.
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