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Hi everyone,
I am planning to buil a NAS that could last a few years. This will be made with freenas as server. Currently, I am planning in getting these:




Power suplly:

14 x 3,5 SATA HD (I will replace them as needed. I just do not want to get consfused with the zpool from freenas)
1 SSD for caching (480gb Samsumg EVO 850)

Case: still deciding, planning in casemod my old 1990 "Beige"AT case and put 2 Drive bays in the cd-rom slots (it has 6 CD slots and 7 HD slots);

Processors: Dual XEON E-2670 v1.
I want to get ideas of coolers for them and maybe some watercooled RIG I live In Brazil, Roraima state. Temperatures here are very High (average 32). I am goig to USA in january, so I am planning in getting the parts there (MOBO, processor, ram and coolers).

I was considering consumer grade parts, but most of them only have 6 sata ports, and them processor and ram would be issues. Freenas asks 1Gb per TB. This beefy nas will need to handle all my pictures, offsite backup from our company (CAD files, software, tons of videos and etc).

I was considering the Dell R710 server as well, but they told me they are power hungry and loudy fellas, and them I would need a rack, a PCI controller to handle more than 6 drives in a external enclosure, another power supply...

Look, please be gentle if I mistyped something or if I am saying a lot of bull****. I live too far from the big centers, so I can only read and order parts and hope they fit together. I count on you to give me tips into the right direction.


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