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interesting problem! need help!

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so i have an old toshiba SA-735 stereo with a yamaha P-450 turntable

the problem is i go to hookup the headphone jack to the line in on my pc, so i can run some vinyl while im playing games, but it seems it interferes with my mic port on my sound card?

any ideas on a fix? possibly some other way to connect without it messing up?

or is it maybe a setting i overlooked?
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Most sound devices (onboard or not) only have one A/D converter. That means that they can only record/input from one source at a time. Anyway, it is not recommended to be gaming (or doing anything else for that matter) on a PC that is performing an audio recording. Otherwise, small glitches (or dropouts, depending on the audio driver's preference) may appear in the recording.

FWIW, some audio devices like Realtek's ALC888 have two A/D converters and can thus record two things simultaneously (dropouts could still be an issue if you're running the CPU hard, though).
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