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Internet Connection Choppy/slow

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Just got my tforce matx board, its up and running lovely. Love the board, BUT my internet connection is weird and slow. Ive tested it using online speed tests and its comming up as slow, very slow. When downloading a file it isnt in one continuous download, its choppy like 15kbs at a time. This is especially noticeable when receiving a file transfer from a buddy on AIM, choppppy.

How do i do the ping test thing from my computer? I forgot.

Anyone have any ideas?
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open a command prompt - start - run - cmd
type ping blahblahblah.com
ot pinh (ip address)
without the ()s

you can also use tracert dns/ip to see how the data is traveling

do you have the QOS packet scheduler on? if so uninstall it.
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