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I posted a bit back about the Giryriz Smart Laptop Cooler made specifically for the Alienware Area51m laptop ... I lauded it and sang it's praises ... 4 80mm 5000rpm fans for crikeys sake and it was literally a cooling monster when it worked. But alas, the designers messed the whole thing up by trying to make it "smart" and integrating a USB circuit with PWM fan control based on laptop temperatures. As it turns out, this demonic monster of a laptop cooler, as with many others online, one day failed to be recognized when trying to connect via USB. I tried it on multiple laptops and desktops and different builds of Windows and nothing I did would result in the cooler being recognized. And the way they built it, with the integrated PWM/USB circuit board controller, absolutely prevents it from running the fans at all if not via the USB circuit and accompanying, very annoying, Windows 10 software.

So I decided to take it apart and see if I could hack/mod it back to life and as it turns out? I did!

Introducing! The Giryiz Dumb Cooler for the Area 51m R1/R2 laptop! LOL ... it may be dumb but man does it work good.

I followed the lead of some folk over at Notebook Review who have modified their Coolermaster U3 stock laptop coolers to include much better fans controlled by a cheap four channel fan controller and an also cheap, AC powered 4pin MOLEX plug/adapter.

It worked like a magic trick.

I prefer analogue controls anyway and even my desktop's six or so fans, AIO and all, are controlled all via analogue, front bay knobs. Here's what I ended up with ... and how I did it:









NOTE: The following video contains the occasional (but friendly!) use of "the F bomb" ... FYI.

And here is an impromptu, typically curse-word-laden YouTube vid log I did discussing the mod should you care to view it and if you are not offended by the random and obligatory use of profanity. Just a friendly "heads up" since I am posting on a family-friendly forum:


Happy modding boys and girls!

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