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I am new in this Forum.I hope this forums are very intresting.And give some knowledge for my future project.Right now I am currently working with the project that can be based on the games and electronics.
Thanks for sharing this information.
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Welcome to OCN!!! You chose a great site to come to!
Welcome frankhellon, if ur like most nutters on here you will enjoy this place xD

go to there to add your system and your all set xD
welcome to ocn! post up your system specs when you get a chance. a how-to link is in my sig.
Here's a simplified version:
  1. Click on User CP on the black bar above.
  2. Click Edit System over on the left.
  3. When you're finished filling it in, click Save Changes.
When you click Save Changes, it automatically inserts your system specifications in your signature just like it does for everyone else. This includes posts you've already posted.
Hey and welcome!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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