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PRIME Z390M-PLUS - i7 9700F - 2x16 GO Vengeance XMP2 Corsair
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it's my case and i like it, my other PC parts are :

z390 Prime M-Plus
i79700F (65w) - with - NH-U9b SE2
3660 CX (to become a 4070 (301c has a maintain metal piece for BIG cards) with Watercool only for GPU)
SSD Mx500 1to x2
Nvme Sata Mx500 250go (hot, will apply this again, as it worked verry well once)
Nvme 2to Pioneer
Seasonic Core GM650
Noctua 120x3 in 301c (2 under - 1 rear)

Now comes THE question, about actual setup of the CPU/Case fans, and what i will have to do when upgrading to a watercooled GPU (exaust/intake things).
Thanks, here is a WEBP image of case's interior :

EDIT: yes, to put a 240mm radiator for GPU watercooling, it's on the right side of the case, i removed the piece that i will have to put back for maintaining RAD+Fans.
Will i put RAD or Fans on front side, if fans , no place to take air, that's good only if they are slow., right ?

in this video he talks about the plastic part hiding cables, it's removable, and perhaps if i remove it it wil have more air from othger side (that's not like the glass side, it has holes, and exactly at this place, not all over !!

finishd adding Noctuaz paste to 3060 (PowerMax proves i gained 5° approx on GPU, 5min test with AVX at the same time, like i did bfore.),
and reorganise case !!
Should i change fans for Noctua NF-A9x14 HS x2 ?

I didn't touch FANS.

Video starts when guy talks about the plastic part:
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