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Lian Li PC-05S v INWIN D Frame Mini

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In a dilemma

I currently own the Lian li but my main plan was to get the D frame mini but things happened and somehow out of nowhere I ended up buying the Lian li

The Lian li is a great case and is made with such thought, the only thing which I hate is that im restricted to a swiftech H220x to cool both GPU/CPU it gets pretty toasty 66c GPU / 83 CPU

also the noise is annoying as hell as im always used to a silent PC idle or gaming, I did plan to open my rig up add a 140mm in the rear of the case add better fans, upgrade the thermal pads of important components & change the CPU thermal paste to CLU, I thought this may give me the RIG what I want, looks nice and is nice to live with

on the other hand, I have a small D5 pump which fits directly on the D frame mini and have spare EK rads which would fit nicely & because its open air I think temps would be super cool
only cons are is theres no room for slim blu ray drive and wires in the rear do get messy plus theres not many SSD/HD spaces once you use the space for W/C

Im still indecisive I thought I may go ahead and do the upgrades to my current system and see how it is and if then its not improved I will defo bite the bullet for the D frame mini

but I just wanted your opinions ive uploaded a few pics and added a POLL just to see what people think!


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