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[IObit]1 Year Advanced SystemCare™ PRO Edition - FREE

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Advanced SystemCare™ PRO Edition

Protect and speed up your computer with Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Professional)! It provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. This powerful and award-winning precision tool fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

All you need is an email and you are good to go.
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It doesnt work for me.

THe program says the license cannot be activated.
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Originally Posted by chevymeister View Post
Anyone else use this? A review would be cool.

Will check out when I get home.
I've used it, have had the paid version for 3-4 months now.

It's a handy little clean-up/tune-up utility. The program has quite a few features and while it may not be the hands down best at each thing that it does, it is a great all-around tool. I've also used the Free version on about 7-8 different systems that I've repaired for people and it really is a legit tool, never borked up a system, always been a positive experience.

Notable features:

*It does some adware/spyware scanning/removal/passive prevention.
(Good for the simple stuff, probably won't work on the nasty infections which would be best left to Malwarebytes, a-squared, etc.) But, it's a quick enough scan to just let it run and see what it finds.

*Registry cleaning.
On par, if not better than CCleaner.

*Privacy Sweep.
Cleans out traces of histories from within programs like 7-zip's or WinRAR's lists of recently opened files, or recently viewed videos in Quicktime, WMP, etc, and obviously checks your browsers too. Those are just some examples, it checks in more places than just those.

*Junk Files clean.
Checks for and optionally deletes files from recycle, windows temp, browser temps.

*System Optimizations.
Applies well known registry tweaks and disables unnecessary services to reduce resources/increase performance. Nothing that you could not do manually, but it does it all in one fell swoop. You're in full control of the changes it proposes though. It tells you exactly what your settings are now, what changes are being proposed and allows you to ignore or choose not to perform certain tweaks. It's all spelled out for you very nicely.

*Security Defense.
Passive adware/spyware protection. Similar to Spybot's immunization I'm guessing.

*Disk Defrag.
Tells you whether a defrag is recommended or not. (I usually opt ouf of this scan).

*Security Analyzer.
Scans Windows system/processes for Hijacked settings.

Also does a back-up for every change that it makes. So, all of the setting changes that it makes are completely reversible in a couple of easy clicks.

Also comes with a bunch of other little utilities that I haven't looked into too much, but it looks like some of them could be useful in certain circumstances.

I've used a couple though like:

Game Booster is pretty sweet.
It allows for a one-click solution for temporarily shutting down background processes and unnecessary services you select. Not just for gaming, I use it on my slow computer at work for temporarily shutting down processes and services that I don't want to do permanently. Easy on/off like button for shutting down or restoring/restarting the services and background processes.

Context Menu manager.
A gui interface for manipulating/editing what shows up when you right click a folder or file.

Start-up manager.
Just like CCleaner or Msconfig.
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