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Iphone 3G home button

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so the other day my accidentally spill some water on my iphone and now the home button is not working.
i disassemble the iphone start using voltmeter to check if anything else is wrong but lucky its only the home button.

NOW! ive been trying to find some info on how to remove the home button from the screen but there isnt any, this is where i need help

so does anyone know how?
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Originally Posted by microman View Post
pull the screen off and pull the button out

the button are glued on to the screen not like the original where can you can just pull it off
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Hi guys, found this webby selling this iRing which prevents liquid from entering the Home Button which is the most common source of problem which breaks our iPhone down.



Originally Posted by waverider599
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Try this http://www.rapidrepair.com/guides/ip...pairguide.html and take a look at this http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/vi...epairs-216701/. Good luck with getting the button to work though.

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