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Welcome iPhone Owners!

This is a place to discuss one of the greatest mobile phones of this decade.

If you would like to talk about certain apps, troubleshoot problems, or even show off a nifty gold case this is the place for you!

Just tell me which phone you have -- 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or the 64GB

2.0, 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S?

Your Service Provider

and that's it!

*Please no iPod Touch owners... There is a iPod club already*

I will try to update the Members List daily so sign up and enjoy!

Founding Member: BLAKHART (32GB, White, Verizon, 4S)

1. Commended (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
2. Canada Guy (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
3. catmmm (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
4. i ame killer 2 (8GB, Edge 2.0)
5. jtravapd (16GB, 3G)
6. AMD+nVidia (16GB, Black, 3G)
7. max302 (8GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
8. P£P§! (8GB, Black, 3G)
9. KamuiRSX (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
10. HappycoreDJ (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
11. oregonducks45 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
12. Arakasi (8GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
13. Danylu (16GB, Black, Optus, 3G)
14. oobe (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
15. Drift0r (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
16. sdla4ever (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
17. beret9987 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
18. Jason B (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
19. r34p3rex (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
20. wasbo (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
21. kevinkor99 (16GB, White, Rogers, 3G)
22. omaryunus (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
23. MrMason (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
24. xxicrimsonixx (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
25. microman (16GB, Red, AT&T, 3G) & (8GB, Silver, AT&T, Edge 2.0)
26. Tázï (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
27. Nlclock (16GB, Black, 3G)
28. Kasaris (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
29. Squeeker The Cat (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G) & (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
30. opty165 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
31. BANDIT_COROLLA (16GB, White, Telia, 3G)
32. jjk454ss (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
33. man03999 (8GB, AT&T, 3G)
34. technoredneck95 (8GB, AT&T, 3G)
35. ||LAW||Doom (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
36. Modki (8GB, AT&T, 3G)
37. Vietnamisthebest (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
38. Funcrazy1 (8GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3G)
39. Sleeping Giant (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
40. Devon (8GB, Edge 2.0)
41. Black Magix (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
42. mind0uT (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
43. kilrbe3 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
44. Antolen (8GB, T-Mobile, 3G)
45. zer0hz (8GB, Edge 2.0) & (16GB, Black, 3GS)
46. Sikkamore (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
47. Meekay (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
48. Chopes (8GB, AT&T, Edge 2.0)
49. MXjunk127 (32GB, AT&T, 3GS)
50. joedr (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
51. Dudeson169 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
52. memnoch_thedevil (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
53. BigAl1542 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
54. tdesbien31 (16GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
55. ItsBobtista (16GB, 3G)
56. ltulod (16gb, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
57. bfrd (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
58. Rayce185 (8GB, Edge 2.0)
59. XxG3nexX (8GB, Edge 2.0)
60. wolfrifle16 (8GB, Black, 3G)
61. Grafixs (16GB, AT&T, 3GS)
62. Nowyoudie (16GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
63. fear5300 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
64. SZayat (16GB, Black, 3G)
65. Birdboy333 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
66. Jawwwwsh (8GB, Edge 2.0)
67. honk_honk (16GB, Silver, AT&T, Edge 2.0)
68. /Ben (32GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3GS)
69. Hilltopper (32GB, AT&T, 3GS)
70. jinja_ninja (8GB, Black, O2, 3G)
71. makvli199 (8GB, Black, 3G)
72. UnAimed (32Gb, White, 3GS)
73. ·Dirty· (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
74. ZunePod (16GB, Black, O2, 3G)
75. FieryCoD (16GB, White, Rogers, 3GS)
76. Smoka Cola (16GB, Black, AT&T)
77. Lyric (Black, AT&T, 3G)
78. THEoBZ (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
79. DigitalBear (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
80. umgill45 (32GB, White, Rogers, 3GS)
81. un4rmed (16GB, White, 3GS)
82. DaftFully17 (8GB, AT&T, 3G)
83. Aura (16GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
84. ScratchNSniff (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
85. Elyaas (32GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
86. mrtn400 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
87. halifax1 (16GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
88. like30ninjas (8GB, Black, Rogers, Edge 2.0)
89. PCNerd (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
90. ckybam3 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
91. OrphanShadow (16GB, White, 3GS)
92. wuddersup (16GB, Black, 3GS)
93. kinubic (AT&T, 3G)
94. Shogon (16GB, Black, 3GS)
95. Alex9106 (32GB, White, O2, 3GS)
96. RaZzY (Black, O2, 3G)
97. zelix (16GB, Black, Rogers, 4)
98. gig (White, AT&T, 3GS)
99. Flux (32GB, Black, 3GS)
100. jbua5150 (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
101. LuckySe7ens (8GB, T-Mobile, Edge 2.0)
102. T191 (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3GS)
103. MCBrown.CA (16GB, Black, Fido, 3GS)
104. Wixdfast (8GB, Silver, AT&T, EDGE 2.0)
105. iscariot (32GB, Black, Vodafone AU, 3GS)
106. rock3ralex (8GB, Black, 3G)
107. Shogon (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
108. robm06 (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
109. blasphemy (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
110. RAFFY (8GB, Edge 2.0)
111. clowdermilk89 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
112. underdog1425 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
113. kiekstje (16GB, White, Proximus, 3G)
114. Phalanx1 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
115. swatsor (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
116. YtKwonG (16GB, Black, Optus, 3G)
117. xdanisx (16GB, Black, 3GS)
118. hitman1985 (8GB, Black, 3G)
119. pablo420 (8GB, T-Mobile, 3G)
120. yggr (8GB, Edge 2.0)
121. XiZeL (16GB, Black, Vodafone, 3G)
122. The Lineman (32GB, Black, Telcel, 4)
123. LiquidForce (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
124. equetefue (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
125. nismo_usaf (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
126. KoolMan (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
127. OSDCrusher (8GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3G)
128. dannyyboii (16GB, White, T-Mobile, 3G)
129. ZainyAntics (16GB, Black)
130. DaClownie (16GB, Black, 3GS)
131. ritchwell (32GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
132. R3d T34rz (32GB, Black, SoftBank, 3GS)
133. Kirgan (16GB, White, O2, 3GS)
134. whipple16 (16GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
135. marl (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
136. D3TH.GRUNT (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
137. CarFreak302 (8GB, AT&T, Edge 2.0)
138. NidStyles (16GB, Black, AT&T & T-Mobile, 3GS)
139. Snipe07 (32GB, Black, Fido, 3GS)
140. reaper~ (16GB, Black, 3GS)
141. Skrappy13 (16GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3GS)
142. yomama9388 (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
143. pestypest (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
144. trn (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
145. KruperTrooper (8GB, Black, T-Mobile, Edge 2.0)
146. DennisC (8GB, Red, AT&T, 3G) & (8GB, Green, AT&T, 3G)
147. halocog (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
148. shadman (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
149. [email protected] (32GB, Black, Vodafone, 3GS)
150. CravinR1 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
151. Rapidfir3 (8GB, Black, AT&T, Edge 2.0)
152. w00t (16GB, Black, Optus, 3GS)
153. Ando (32GB, White, Optus, 3GS)
154. Mazda6i07 (8GB, Black, 3G)
155. fritz_sean (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
156. huntman21014 (4GB, Black, T-Mobile, Edge 2.0)
157. cpt_alex (16Gb, Proximus, Edge 2.0)
158. hermit (16GB, Black, Fido, 3GS)
159. strezz (8GB, Globe Telecom, Edge 2.0)
160. Fidelity23 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
161. Kaldari (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
162. phantomgrave (16GB, White, T-Mobile, 3GS)
163. xXxALLANxXx (32GB, Black, 3GS)
164. deathshad (16GB, Black, Virgin Mobile, 3GS)
165. NrGx (16GB, Black, 3GS)
166. pocketdrummer (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
167. vi3t_boy (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
168. tvick47 (32GB, Black, 3GS)
169. aznricer112 (8GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3G)
170. Pouleterie (32GB, Black, Rogers, 3GS)
171. aFreak (8GB, Green, T-Mobile, 3G)
172. Wingzero (16GB, White, O2, 3GS)
173. MLJS54 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
174. Big Wiggly (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
175. Viegas23 (16GB, White, 3GS)
176. hombredelassrtas (16GB, Black, 3GS)
177. CaNe (8GB, Black, Rogers, 3G)
178. dcshoejake (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS) & (8GB, Black, 3G)
179. lokster (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
180. KusH (Black, AT&T, 3GS)
181. culexor (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
182. Munkypoo7 (32GB, White, AT&T, 4S)
183. Miki (32GB, White, AT&T, 4)
184. fireman (8GB, T-Mobile, Edge 2.0)
185. Campo (16GB, Black, Telstra, 3GS)
186. btwalter (8GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3G)
187. Kavourdoukos (8GB, Black, 3G)
188. vi3t_boy (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)\\
189. the3lement (32Gb, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
190. ohzer0 (32GB, White, AT&T, 4S)
191. LiLChris (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
192. HAYWIREFIVE (16GB, Black, O2, 3GS)
193. DorkSterr (16GB, Rogers, 3GS)
194. liveify (16GB, White, AT&T, 3GS)
195. blocparty12 (8GB, Black, O2, 3G)
196. Flatliner (16GB, White, Bell, 3GS)
197. chingu (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
198. $ilent (16GB, O2, 3GS)
199. ReaperMan (16GB, 3GS)
200. Sabiba (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3G)
201. Sanders54 (32GB, Black, Telenor, 3GS)
202. Lastmemory (16gb, Black, Fido, 3GS)
203. superhead91 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
204. Kpopsaranghae (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
205. OmegaNemesis28 (32GB, Black, 4)
206. doggymad (16GB, Black, Vodafone, 4)
207. Icekilla (32GB, Black, Telcel, 4)
208. flyboy198 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
209. Volcom13 (16GB, Black, Show/KT, 3GS)
210. IcedEarth (16GB, Black, 02, 3GS)
211. rasa123 (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
212. XvCluTchvX (16GB, White, T-Mobile, 3GS)
213. razr m3 (32GB, Black, 4)
214. pistons50 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
215. Tardious (8GB, 3GS)
216. uturn68 (16GB, 3GS)
217. wolfrifle16 (32GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
218. pencil364 (16GB, Black, Rogers, 3GS)
219. Boereman (16GB, Black, VodaCom, 3G)
220. runeazn (32GB, 3GS)
221. LiFTed (32GB, Black, 4) & (32GB, Black, 3GS)
222. EgoProxy (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
223. br3nd064 (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
224. templar (16GB, 4)
225. ChosenLord (16GB, Black, 4)
226. wizek (32GB, White, 3GS)
227. Djmatrix32 (16GB, White, AT&T, 3G)
228. zionic (32GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
229. andrewmchugh (16GB, Black, O2, 4)
230. Oddmouse (32GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
231. starwa1ker (32GB, 4)
232. Track (32GB, 4)
233. oOiHuwOo (32GB, Black, 4)
234. Overdrivex2 (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
235. Chilly (16GB, Black, Bell, 4)
236. derickwm (32GB, AT&T, 4)
237. Rebelord (16GB, Verizon, 4)
238. heelsparky0501 (16GB, AT&T, 4)
239. Pyro_Teknic (16GB, AT&T, 3GS)
240. Aknolidge (8GB, Black, AT&T, 3GS)
241. battlenut (32GB, Black, Softbank, 3GS)
242. DannyTheGamer (16GB, Black, Three, 4)
243. Darkcyde (32GB, Black, Verizon, 4)
244. II OpTiC MaGiK II (32GB, Black, Telstra, 3GS)
245. Insomnihacks (32GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
246. Alx2331 (16GB, Black, Telia Sonera, 4)
247. knoxy_14 (16GB, Verizon, 4)
248. akuamakana (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
249. Timechange01 (32GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
250. WaRTaco (16GB, White, AT&T, 4)
251. Romin (16GB, Black, Verizon, 4)
252. caleb (32Gb, Black, AT&T)
253. LoNeLyKiLLeR (16GB, Black, 4)
254. jcrew3002 (16GB, Black, Verizon, 4)
255. illum (16GB, Black, 4)
256. Methos07 (32GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
257. darkRyu (16GB, Black, AT&T, 4)
258. GigaByte (16GB, Black, Rogers, 4)
259. wumpus (16GB, Black, T-Mobile, 3G)
260. leekaiwei (16GB, Black, Vodafone, 4)
261. _s3v3n_ (16GB, Black, T-Mobile, 4)
262. the_creeper (16GB, Black, 3GS)
263. JonnyBigBoss (16GB, Black, Verizon, 4S)
264. drew630 (32GB, Black, Verizon, 4S)
265. yang88she (32B, White, Sprint, 4S)
266. Nemesis429 (32GB, White, 4S)

Arakasi - iphone repair technician
PM if you need any repairs!


iPhone Club

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16 gig 3g, best apps, are installous and scummvm player..

the iphone is absolutely the perfect platform for playing scummvm *old adventure PC games ) on. currently i have ten games installed. Been playing sam and max and indiana jones the most. I wish they still made point and click PC adventure games. they were awesome. I still love them.

Also..waiting any day for the slingplayer app to be released...its been submitted, just waiting for apple to approve it...its been about 3 weeks so it should be any day now..

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16GB, Black, AT&T

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8GB | iPhone 3G | AT&T | 2.2.1 Jailbroken


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I have an 8gb with white bp (8gig) i installed myself. AT&T
I fix, repair, and troubleshoot these phones for a living.
If there is anyone in this club that has problems, just PM me and i will help you out.
Questions, concerns, and topics posted in here, i might not see all the time so toss a PM.

Sign me up !

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There is a way to upgrade to 3.0 Beta 3 without being a developer. As always, use at your own risk. I was going to do it, but one of my favorite jailbroken apps isn't compatible yet, BiteSMS. Instructions below:


Originally Posted by DinoNY

I've figured out how to upgrade my iPhone from 2.2 to 3.0 without paying a dev to add me to tester list. The trick is to jailbreak when asked for activation, use iUtilities to change version to 2.2 by editing a string, trick iTunes to activate, then change string back to 3.0

Here are the steps if you wish to do it yourself.
It has worked for me on Beta 2 and Beta 3.
  • Download the 3.0 Beta 3 ipsw.
  • Force update by Shift-Click Restore in iTunes
  • Let update run (screen will turn purple a couple times)
  • Once done, phone will ask to be activated with purple screen and emergency dial, iTunes will say failed activation
  • Run QuickPwn Beta 3, and only check to install Icy and Jailbreak. Don't activate. Follow steps to jailbreak.
  • After jailbreak, phone will still ask for activation
  • Download iUtilities and run (it'll ask for password, click cancel and ignore everything else)
    You can get iUtilites from SendSpace and RapidShare

    Just make sure you have access to multiple computers, in case iUtilites doesn't work on one. Never hurts to be safe.
  • Immediately go under String Editor tab, and for version, type in 2.2, and for build, type in 5G77
  • Restart phone and system version should be changed.
  • iPhone should activate now and 3.0 will be usable, without being a dev or tester.
  • To be able to sync, open up iUtilites again, and under String Editor, change version to 3.0, and build to 7A280f.
  • Restart once again, and now you will have a fully active, syncing, 3.0 beta 3, for free.
Try it at your own risk. 100% success rate here.
Only problem I've run into before is iUtilites crashing on one PC, but worked on all other ones. If it acts up the first time, erase the folder and reinstall. Don't run the iUtilities update.
3.0 Beta 3 is super stable and new features are much useful.
Good Luck!

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