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Ipod Touch 2G

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hey guys been trying to jail break my ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen and i cant run quickpwn and i cant run quickfreedom and one got any advice or guides for doing this as i have be trying for hours and cant figure it out?
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Quickfreedom worked for me, please let me know what exactly is going wrong. I have jailbreaked several 2g's.

Does quickfreedom even load?
I jailbroke my 2nd gen 16GB no problem with quickpwn. Not sure whats wrong with yours.

Try restoring it, then jailbreaking it, THEN putting your stuff back on it.
Im same as you mate, we will just have to wait for the 2.2.1 pwn to come out.
They have quickpwn for the 2g now? I thought they hadn't updated it fully yet.
quick freedom wont load


quickpwn loads and works but when it asks me to start ipod in restore mode i start the ipod but quickpwn just stays the same asking for restore mode even though i alredy have?
I couldn't get mine to jailbreak either.
Now my PC won't detect my iPod at all. It says it needs drivers if I connect via iTunes, and when I plug it in normally it says windows needs to install driver software for your apple mobile device (Recovery Mode).
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I am not sure quickpwn has been updated for the 2g jailbreak.

For quickfreedom, make sure you have all the latest windows updates.

If thats not working, then I suggest this guide,


Let me know if you have any more questions.
Illusion Of Progress:

I can help, you need to try quickfreedom, and your ipod is supposed to not be noticed by your pc, thats why you restore it in itunes with the firmware quickfreedom creates.

If I made a tutorial, like a video tutorial, would that help you guys?
I used Cywood to jailbreak mine. Check youtube videos
Ya, for your guys's 2g ipod's, i suggest this, if quickfreedom doesn't work:

cheers im just trying it now!
i have put the firmware in ipsw but what now it says "4. Run IPSW.bat (It will take a while)" but i cant find that?
did that guide no luck!

i have installed libusb and now none of my usb ports work and my pc blue screens after about a minet or two so have to use the old pc any ideas my pc is screwed!

If you want, I guess I could do it for you remotely. Or through a VNC server. Its really easy.

As for your drivers, there is some isssue with libusb, you want to roll back the drivers now, but keep libusb installed. Got it?
cheers sulli i have cracked the ipod touch and fixed my pc! woop woop!! REP+

but know i have some questions

when i start up the touch i have INSTALLER AND CYDIA on the screen if i go into installer the is different apps and such but i click on one and it goes to a blank page and stops. any ideas?
Well, installer, is old, and outdated, no one really uses it anymore.

Anymore questions?
got sydia? is that any good? what is the best?
yeah sorry im new at this LOL
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