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iPod touch 4 or 1080p Monitor

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Alright, here's my situation. I'm currently gaming on a 19" Dell refurbished 1280x1024 monitor, in windowed mode at 1280x800. And I'm fairly happy with it. I currently have around $150 bucks saved up, and I'm wondering if I should plop it all down on a monitor, or a new iPod?

Please give suggestions. Thanks!
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new monitor! Wide screen ftw! ^.^ Its amazing! i used to play on and went to my 25.5 i m pretty sure you can get a 22-24 ish for about 150 might want to buy out of state to avoid the 16 Dollar recycling fee and 9.75% sales tax..
Monitor derr.
There will be another iPod refresh next September, and the next, and the next.
new monitor and extend your desktop with your current ^_^
New monitor and sell me that dell! Do you have a droid or a smart phone? I got a droid x and ever since then i haven't touched my ipod.

Unless you spend time out, then iPod.
Wait..... I'm confused?
....... GET A MONITOR FTW!!!!!!
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Seriously, get a monitor.
Get the monitor. I am pretty sure the ipod has a better near to better res then your current one. lol Yea def get monitor.
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