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(Not sure if this is the right forum.)

My girlfriend wanted to watch movies on her ipod touch on our TV, so I bought a Universal Dock with Remote from Apple (Link) for my ipod touch 3G. (I also have a ipod touch 2G) I sit the ipod on the connector and run a 3.5mm to RCA out of the "Line-Out" port on the dock into my AV2 onto my Samsung LCD TV.

I set up the video settings for "TV out" to widescreen on and off and I've also set the settings to NTSC and PAL, but I still don't get a signal to my TV. It just plays the video on the ipod sitting in the dock.

One ipod touch is on version 3.1.3 and the other is on 4.0 and both don't play on the TV

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but I'm doing something wrong. Anyone point out my mistake or some pointers?
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